Design: the creation of something from ... well something else.

SteveatComputer4web1First and foremost, this site is about design, particularly mine! As graphic designers go, we are a creative lot, always seeking to create from scratch, yet more often than not we are asked to re-create from something. Re-creation has it's place however. Much like the composer who writes an incredible score, the story seldom ends there. It is after all the "arranger" who often brings the composition to the masses. Remakes of popular rock tunes from the 60's and 70's are consistently big hits. Vocal styles are emulated from one band to another. Fashion trends rarely embody anything never seen before, yet they are fresh and vibrant. So it is with "designers" ... we certainly can create, but perhaps more importantly, we allow our egos to be bridled in the pursuit of a design direction that often starts with someone else's idea. Design, is in essence, the redesign of the existing - it is to this end, we ply our craft.