Biography "ne multus" (briefly)

Stephen Guy


Born in Texas, raised, reared and geared in Colorado, Washington, Idaho and Hawaii ... I once simultaneously had a drivers license for both Idaho and Hawaii while driving a car registered to me in Idaho and got pulled over in Oregon where I was living for a brief time after college! Needless to say, the officer was a bit confused and let me off with a warning. (more coming soon, not that you are dying to know! :-)



1997 to Present

Owner of x4 Creative/Imagine Graphics

Previous experience in Sales/Sales Management and Marketing for Fortune 500 Companies

Degree from Northwest Nazarene University

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My Pursuits

PursuitsPassion:"a strong desire that drives one to invest time, resources and energy into the pursuit of something or someone"

Passion drives me...

  • Music/my guitars and composition
  • Mexican Food & Dr. Pepper
  • Design, Travel, & Photography
  • My faith in Jesus Christ, who sustains me and gives my life purpose.
  • My family and my two beautiful boys.

My Guarantee

percentMy pledge to you is to give you my very best work everytime. I am easy to work with, a team player and enjoy new design challenges.